Sunday, 5 October 2014

Saving Time and Money

It feels strange that I've not posted for quite a while. It's been quite a busy few months for us as we recently went on a family holiday. It's something that we've not been able to afford to do for a long time. Since we found out we were going to be parents, we've been saving as much as we can to try and get our feet on the property ladder and, as we all may well know, holiday's in the UK and abroad are becoming increasingly expensive. Which is why as soon as I put the deposit down for the holiday, I instantly regretted it. It all of a sudden hit me that the expense of the holiday isn't just the flights and accommodation; it's the summer clothes to buy, the spending money, the sun cream, mosquito repellent and so on. It's not as if we didn't deserve a bit of sunshine and some quality family time together, but when you have been living in your parents house for 6 years whilst trying to raise a family and a deposit for a property, jetting away on a holiday is not of the highest priority.

The deed was done though and the holiday had been purchased - there was no going back; so I had to try and eliminate any bad feelings and try to look forward to it. A whole week, just the three of us, no work, and lots of sunshine. I then started thinking about different ways we could be savvy shoppers leading up to the holiday; to save us some dosh when we did the weekly shop or started buying holiday clothes. Now, I love a voucher code, however I am not one of these people who buys stuff just because there is a voucher/saving out there, as that would defeat the object of trying to save some cash! If I have made up my mind that I need to purchase something I will search the Internet for a deal or voucher.

By doing so, I saved around £100 in discounts on stuff I was planning to buy anyway for the holiday. I also did this for the first time last Christmas and calculated a saving of around £250 on presents I was planning to buy anyway! I know there are a lot of websites and blogs out there that you can search to find good deals and online discount codes, however, I thought I would share some of my best picks of the deals out there at the moment that will be of interest to those with families. Just to help others like us who may be counting the pennies.

Here are the top 5 I've rounded up this week - I hope you find them useful!


20% on Birthday presents for your little ones at ELC! - register here for the Birthday Club
No expiry stated - it is recommended that you register at least 8 weeks before your little one's birthday

12 % at Kickers - enter mvc1 at the checkout (also try code pandpforfree for added free delivery bonus!)
Expires 10.10.2014

20% on adults shoes and bags at Clarks - enter BSHOE at the checkout
Expires 12.10.2014

20% off home and furniture at Tesco  - enter TDX-CVKP at the checkout
Expires 26.10.2014

35% off The Body Shop orders - enter 14317 at the checkout
Expires 07.10.2014

Please remember that terms and conditions and certain product restrictions apply when using voucher codes online. I receive weekly emails with offers/discounts and want to round up a small selection for you, to try and save you time searching for offers. Full voucher details, please visit or