Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easy Sunday Lunch

Here’s an easy, healthy & cheaper alternative to a Sunday roast - minus some trimmings (you can add Yorkshire puds if you feel that a roast isn’t complete without one!)

It was inspired by our Easter Sunday lunch. We cooked it Kleftiko “style” (baked slowly & covered in the oven).

Don’t let the 3 hour cooking time fool you – this is one of those deceptively easy recipes that frees up some precious time to get on with the washing/ironing or spending time with the kids.

Based on the ingredients used (a mixture of By Sainsbury'sSainsbury's Basics & So Organic ranges) this works out to roughly £3.36 per portion.*

You can also replace the lamb steaks with a leg of, or diced lamb. Enjoy!

Serves 4   Prep time: 15 mins   Cook time: 3 hours

For the meat:

o 2 tbsp. olive oil

o 2 carrots
o 2 onions
o 3 cloves garlic 
o 1 bay leaf
o 2 sprigs of rosemary
o 2 sprigs of rhyme
o Juice of 1 lemon
o 400g of lamb leg steaks (approx. 4 steaks)
o 1 sheet of parchment paper

For the potatoes:

o 1kg Maris piper or Desiree potatoes (halved or quartered)

o A few glugs of olive oil

For the salad:

o 1 bag of salad

o 160g of cherry tomatoes
o Half a cucumber
o Drizzle of olive oil & Balsamic vinegar


1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C/160C fan/gas mark 4

2. Line a baking tray with your sheet of parchment paper, pop your lamb chops in & drizzle with 2 tbsp. of olive oil & add your fresh rosemary & thyme (dried herbs work just as well) along with some black pepper.
3. Peel & chop your washed carrots along with your onions (which should be cut into quarters) and your garlic (sliced into halves).
4. Add your veg into the tray of lamb & finish off with juice of 1 lemon.
5. Cover the tray with baking foil & place in the oven on the top shelf (the lamb will need to cook for 3 hours).
6. After 1 hour & 30 mins scrub, wash, peel & halve (or quarter) your potatoes & par boil them in a pan for about 6 minutes. Once drained & while they are still hot toss in a colander (this will help them turn nice & crispy) and add a pinch of salt. Add a few glugs of olive oil to a roasting pan & pop in the oven for 5 minutes to warm up; then add your potatoes to the pan covering each one with some of the oil. Pop them into the oven when there is 1 hour left on the clock for the lamb. Place your lamb on the bottom shelf of the oven & place your potatoes on the top shelf. Increase oven temperature to 220C/200C fan/gas mark 7 for the remaining hour. 
7. 10 minutes before your timer goes, wash & chop your cucumber & tomatoes, add them to your washed salad & season with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar & some black pepper.


*Prices per portion are approximate, are correct at time of posting & only include ingredients. Prices will vary depending on where you shop.

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