Saturday, 24 May 2014

Days Out - Box Hill, Surrey

Hooray for bank holiday weekends! Having a job that keeps me out of the house for 11 hours a day, 5 days a week really makes me appreciate this extra day I have to spend time with my family (not that I don't love or appreciate the work I do but who doesn't love an extra day off?!) I have to be honest, sometimes it can be difficult to decide how to spend it. Of course the essential chores take place, along with the occasional trips to Homebase of B&Q (well, it wouldn't be a bank holiday without a bit of DIY), although my partner and I do often find ourselves asking "what exactly shall we do?"

Whilst we are saving to buy our first house, the cost of a day out does sometimes influence how we spend our time together. One our favourite fun filled days out has to be a picnic & exploration at Box Hill in Surrey. The costs to factor in here are car parking (currently at £3 for the day), your picnic, and the cost in petrol to get there. Once you are there you will spoilt for choice at how you spend your day.

For those with younger children, the Play Natural Trail is a fantastic way for your little adventurers to learn about, and discover the great outdoors.  For those with older explorers, the Stepping Stones Walk is a stunning riverside walk that will be sure to take your breath away (not just because of the all the walking you will be doing but also because of the amazing panoramic views).

There are lots of reasons why I love visiting Box Hill with my little one and partner, some of which I have already mentioned. You also get a chance to connect with nature, exercise (you can borrow kites to fly too), and discover and learn new things; but above all, you get a chance to switch off and connect with one another as a family.

Come rain or shine, I am sure that if you are able to visit Box Hill, you will create lasting memories, just like we have.

For up to date information on how to get there, what to do and what is happening during half term, please visit the National Trust website:


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