Friday, 27 June 2014

Bath Time Fun

Whether you're a full time working parent (like me) or a stay at home mum/dad, there seems to be one thing we have in common. It's a feeling you get when you do not spend as much quality time as you'd like with your children; and that feeling is guilt.

My weekday mornings go by in a blur. I'm up at 6am and it's a race against time to get breakfast on the table and get showered & dressed (x3!). My partner does his fair share in the morning too and we still manage to only just drop our little one at nursery on time and get to work in time for that early morning meeting.

I  do not find it easy being away from my daughter all day during the week. In the evenings, I get through the door with just enough time to catch the end of In the Night Garden; which means that I've pretty much got half an hour before I am reading her a bedtime story and tucking her up in bed. When the weekend hits it's all systems go to catch up on all the personal chores that I didn't get time to do during the week.

Every moment we share with our little ones is important. That's why I try to think of creative ways of spending quality time with my daughter, even when there isn't time for play. I invested in these Bathtime Buddies Wet 'N' Stick Alphabet set (£2.50 from Wilko or £3.00 at Tesco) so that, on bath nights during the week we can practice spelling in a fun & engaging way. It also helps my daughter to recognise letters through phonics to help with her reading.

We look forward to this time we spend together and it's a great way of taking an active role in supporting what they learn at school/nursery. I hope that by sharing this simple idea with you that you and your little ones can enjoy bath time as much as we do.


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