Saturday, 19 July 2014

Home-made Takeaway

Now this blog isn't supposed to be just about food, although with the school holidays fast approaching, I am trying out new recipes to help bring more variety to mealtimes. I tried this one on Sunday after a lovely day at a local park with my daughter and it was an absolute winner for all of us. Ok, half the food on the plate was bought ready made from a supermarket, but who says you can't cheat on the weekends sometimes?

You also could try this on a Saturday night instead of reaching for the take away menu - picking up a similar meal from a restaurant could set you back £10-£12 each! Following this recipe (that feeds four very generously) will only set you back approx. £3.00* each and it will be ready in 30 minutes from start to finish. Which means you'll have more money to put towards days out with the kids.

As we say in Greek - Καλή όρεξη!! (Kalí óreksi!) - Bon appétit!


Serves 4   Prep time: 5 mins   Cook time: 20 minutes


460g Chicken Fillets cut into chunks
1 x packet of Schwartz Grillmates Mojito Lime spice (or any other other herbs and spices that you like - Schwartz Perfect Shake Chicken Seasoning is also nice - just sprinkle on to your taste)
1 x tablespoon of olive oil
180g packet of antipasti Olives (we bought ones that were flavoured with sweet pepper & basil)
300g ready made potato salad
300g ready made coleslaw
250g ready made vegetable cous cous
4 x sweetcorn cobettes
4 x wholemeal pittas


o Preheat your oven to 220C/200C fan/gas mark 7.
o Chop your chicken breast into chunks and add your spices and olive oil so that all the chicken is covered well.
o Transfer to an oven proof dish and place in the oven - cook for approx. 20 minute until the chicken is cooked through (you'll want to stir the pieces to turn them half way through.)
o Once the chicken has been cooking for about 10 minutes, boil a medium sized pan half filled with water. Add a pinch of salt and add your sweetcorn cobettes. Cook for approx 5-6 minutes
o Toast your pitta breads and add the salads to your plates ready for when the chicken in cooked through and ready to serve.

P.S. The instructions on the Schwartz Grillmates Mojito Lime spice suggests mixing white rum and olive with the spices - we mixed the spices with olive oil only and it still tasted great!

*Prices per portion are approximate, are correct at time of posting & only include ingredients. Prices will vary depending on where you shop.

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